Friday, July 17, 2009

the magic middle kingdom

photography by Gentl and Hyers, styled by Ayesha Patel for Body+Soul
photography by Sang An, styled by Ayesha Patel for Body+Soul

There are a few pieces (like the red and the blue bowls shown above) in the photo prop house that always made it to one of my shoots. The pieces were fine, pure white porcelain, incredibly thin, with delicate, fluid lines. This particular collection consisted of bowls of various sizes and vases, glazed in bright, saturated colors. Every time I saw one of the pieces, I picked it up, admiring the perfect craftsmanship. And I did not know the maker.

About a month ago I received an email from Alison Jia, who together with her husband Bo creates the line of ceramics I have admired for so long. Alison saw my posting on the 4x5 polaroids I have kept from my photoshoots, and noticed her ceramic pieces which appeared in quite a few. Hurray for blogging, one mystery solved.

Alison and Bo's comapany is called Middle Kingdom, and everything about it, from their story, to the photography of the pieces, is pure joy and magic. Seeped in classical and elegant Chinese porcelain tradition from the Song and Ming eras, Middle Kingdom's forms are fresh, modern and timeless. Click here for a list of stores that carry Middle Kingdom's creations.