studio shop at 2114 S. Taylor Rd, Cleveland Hts, Oh
now open Wed-Fri 12 to 6pm, Sat 12 to 5pm

I’ve been dreaming of a small shop in the front of my studio for years, and in the last few months, that dream came true. A tiny store is now part of gleena studios at 2114 S. Taylor Rd. in Cleveland Hts, Ohio.

I decided to relocate to Ohio from Rhode Island to be near my family, and while looking for a studio space for gleena, this storefront came along. Serendipitously it was already separated with a wood herringbone floor for the front space, and a grey linoleum floor for the studio space. The linoleum is ideal for my ceramics process, I wash floors many times a day to keep the dust away.

It’s been a lengthy, hard-won, process getting the studio set up and the kilns hooked up. I needed three-phase 240 hook up for my two production electric kilns. This meant dealing with the Illuminating Company, the city for permits and inspections, and re-wiring the kilns to match the new power source. I realized that the kilns are an extension of myself, having them down was like losing a hand. Thankfully, one kiln is running smoothly, the other still needs a few parts.

Magically, the shop came together smoothly. During the past ten years of doing craft and trade shows, I have met so many incredible artists. It is an honor and a privilege to call them my friends. I am so grateful to these beautiful craftspeople, their products arrived in time for the opening and make the shop a truly special little place.  Come visit!

The beautiful shelves were created by Josh Miller, a local craftsman. Josh installed lights and all the display shelving and cases in the shop.
The rack holding Pilgrim Waters towels is an old wood stair that I found by the side of the road. I painted it to match the walls (Valspar Swill Coffee paint) and hung it upside down. Just right for Susy’s gorgeous creations.
I have many of Gauge NYC wall sculptures in my own home. Oh the shadows! Delicate and beautifully crafted, they have been selling well already.
Small aluminum letters are also made by Gauge NYC. Spell out any word, I carry the whole alphabet.
Baskets by Eliza Gran, towels and cards by June and December, cards by Heartswell, and towels by Teresa Green. Boxy shelves for cards were made for me back in grad school by a talented friend.
Letter-pressed cards by Heartswell. Just lovely.
This cups display was a very lucky dumpster dive rescue. It was someone’s fancy sock drawer, with brass tags on the side with color names. It is just the right size to hold wee teas, Gauge NYC letters and air plants.
gleena studio shop is open Wednesday-Friday 12 to 6pm, Saturday 12 to 5pm

please support your local small shops and galleries

I am so very grateful for the small shops and galleries that are carrying gleena. It has been such a joy building the retail relationships throughout the years. Many buyers have become friends and are an inspiration. Please support your local small shops this holiday season.

 I have dreamt about owning my own store since I was very little. I remember setting up a table at the dachya, and selling twigs, flowers, and dirt, with leaves as the currency. This past month, I have relocated gleena studio (and life) to Cleveland, Ohio, to be near my family. The new space came with a small shop in the front, and a studio space at the back. I am hoping to open gleenashop in the middle of December, offering my own work as well as the work of many artists I have met while doing trade shows. Here are a few in-progress photos, it’s slowly coming together!

farewell Rhode Island open studio and sale, Saturday, October 22nd, noon to 5pm

gleena studio is OPEN for the final time in Pawtucket this coming Saturday, October 22nd, from NOON to 5PM.

THE ADDRESS is 560 Mineral Spring Ave, Unit HA105, Pawtucket, RI, 02860. The studio mill complex is across from Lorraine Fabrics.

YOU WILL NEED THESE directions when you arrive at the mill (it is a maze!):
As you are facing the 560 building, go into the driveway on the far right of it. Look for Northeast Locks, B&F Gym and Colonial Mills signs.

The locksmith with be to your right, the rug show room will be to your left as you turn in, and go a little bit behind the main building.

Immediately after the stop sign, there is a very narrow alley on your left, behind the rug showroom.

Park opposite the alley, and walk down it to the studio. The alleyway dead ends with gleena studio.

If you come to the B&F Gym, and a wide alleyway on your left, you have gone a little bit too far.

Hope to see you!

risd craft, this saturday, october 8th, 10am to 5pm

RISD CRAFT is this Saturday, yay! rain or SHINE, this event is always filled with happy reunions, and of course beautiful beautiful artwork. gleena will be there 10am to 5pm along with these lovely ladies: sophie ratner jewelry, shibori baby, and hinge designs. stop by and say hello! for more info and directions visit

thank you better homes & gardens

Such an honor to be featured in this month’s Better Homes & Gardens magazine. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and I am so grateful for all the orders and emails from subscribers. I love the stories readers have been sending me of their favorite animal and insect. The gleenashop is close to being completely sold out, and I will be working hard over the next few weeks to restock. Thank you thank you thank you!

If you would like to be notified of the next shop update, please sign up for gleena’s mailing list. The link to it is at the bottom of the page.

summer garden

This year the garden exploded with flowers and veggies. I’ve been composting since I moved into the house, and diligently mixing the compost into the soil every spring. This simple work pays off double: no food-waste goes into plastic garbage bags, and the plants as well as birds and insects love it, and thrive.

my favorite things to grow are nasturtium, calendula, verbena, zucchini, cucumber, and not shown are tomatoes (just starting to ripen) and dill
yarrow makes such a gorgeous bouquet and attracts beneficial insects
gem marigolds are a new addition, the flowers are tasty, look great on the table, the leaves have a lemony scent, plus the plant nurtures the soil
the zucchini have been non-stop this year. I’m making lots of zucchini bread : I use olive oil, and for sugar mix 1-cup brown, 1-cup white. super moist and super tasty, sometimes I throw in a banana into the batter, or add blueberries.
these are butternut squash blossoms. planted three seeds, and now they are crawling all over the garden. some flowers I guess are male with no fruit, but the females are making lots of squash babies. good thing I love butternut squash soup
show-off king hibiscus flowers are as big as Berrie’s head in the front garden. the tiny white flowers are gaura, a drought tolerant perennial, which flutter like butterflies from June till September.
zucchini blossoms are yummy sautéed in butter, and scrambled with eggs. garnished with freshly picked dill, they are unbelievably tasty and simple

somehow I stumbled upon this book, and now am engrossed in finding out about perennial food gardens. annuals are tasty, and a bit tough on my back. so a mix of the two is a good idea moving forward. there is also a Paradise Lot blog. yay.

Happy summer and gardening!

a cause close to my heart

Every year Sang An and his husband Bob Bathrick get on their bikes and ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness for AIDS/HIV. The ride is 575 miles long, and takes 7 days. I did a similar ride from Boston to NYC in 1997, it was a mere 300 miles, and let me tell you, my bum hurt, and so did the rest of my body. I didn’t really mind the pain as it was an incredible, community supported experience, and I am proud to have been a part of it. My close friend from high school, Todd, died when he was in his 20’s, and I rode in his memory. And it is with Todd in my heart that I donate a gleena piece to the auction organized by Sang each year.

This year I donated a serving set in my favorite dusk glaze, and was so happy to realize that it was purchased by Tami Hardeman, a super talented food stylist.

Within a few days of receiving the set, Tami created beautiful things with it, and posted on her Instagram feed.

Thank you, Sang, for organizing such an incredible auction, and for doing the ride each year. And thank you, Tami, for supporting the event, and for creating gorgeous work on gleena.

still life saturday with OMJSK on instagram

I am amazed by the patience it takes to create Jasoon Kim’s botanical still life. It must take her days, maybe months, to collect and arrange all the ingredients, each so precisely, exquisitely placed.

I want to see them printed large, 4 feet by 4 feet at least, so each botanical beauty can be closely examined.

To view more of OMJSK’s incredibly detailed and inspiring work, please visit her page at

gleena spring at Penhollows in Pittsburgh, PA

These lovelies are heading to Penhollows in Pittburgh, one of my favorite towns.
In avocado: beachstone serving tray with closed cosmos, deep beachstone serving bowl with male fern, small spouted bowls with warbler, pasta bowl with tulip
In rose: beachstone serving tray with peony, shallow beachstone serving dish with tulip, small jewelry dishes with butterfly, roly soup bowl with butterlfy, shorty 10oz tumbler with butterfly
In lilac: pasta bowl with closed cosmos, shallow beachstone serving dish with open cosmos, small jewelry dishes with dragonfly, shorty 10oz tumbler with dragonfly

beauty in decay

sometimes tulips dry beautifully. as they decay, their color and structure transforms into unexpected loveliness

photo meditations by Forrest Elliott

I have been following Forrest Elliott’s work on Instagram for a while, and recently his feed has become an inspiration. Each image is a meditation on simplicity of light, form, and color. Forrest’s photos capture tranquility. His images encourage us to pause, look, and listen to the fleeting moments that make life beautiful.

photo of Forrest and Oliver by @katobogo.

To see more of Forrest’s work, please visit his website.