Monday, December 10, 2012

shop local from east coast to west coast,
where to find gleena for the holidays

Looking for some gleena near your home town? Here are a few wonderful stores to check out:

In Brooklyn, NY: Cog and Pearl on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. Seth and Kristen just received a large order of all things gleena, including the above animal tumblers.

In Eugene, OR: Newtwist on East 5th Avenue. Colleen has a unique collection of gleena bowls, plates and vases.

In Northampton, MA: Kestrel, a brand new store on Masonic Street. Eliza has an amazing eye for exquisite home goods. Check out some gleena serving pieces at her shop.

In Bend, OR: The Feather’s Edge Finery. Steph carries a large selection of the animal and insect tumblers.

In Arcata, CA: The Garden Gate is receiving animal tumblers and roly poly bowls tomorrow, look for them in Kate and Diane’s store toward the end of the week.

In Providence, RI: Studio Hop on Hope Street. Nina has a beautiful collection of gleena bowls, cups and vases. Also, you can meet me there this weekend and next, Saturday and Sunday. Come by and say hello!

All the above stores are run by super talented, and extremely nice people who have become friends over the past few years. I very much appreciate their support. Please shop local this holiday season.