Tuesday, November 24, 2015

love and peace

As the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving, and I look forward to sitting down to dinner and toasting to good food with friends, I think of all that is happening in the world. I am so grateful for all the love that surrounds me, and the comfort and peace that I enjoy every day. This found peace I so treasure because my family left Soviet Russia as Jewish refugees in November of 1979. The three-month journey was a hard one, and I am forever grateful to my adopted country for welcoming us and for helping us in so many ways upon our arrival. My hope is that fear does not close the hearts that welcomed me and my family. I am sending love and peace to all families, everywhere.

Friday, November 20, 2015

'tis the season for color

Autumn is my favorite season, such delicious smells, crisp air, and all the color enjoyed daily on walks with dog. The colors coming out of my kiln have been very satisfying as well. I've introduced a few darker grays, and have been enjoying how they round out the collection.