Thursday, March 12, 2009

photo relics

So much has changed in the editorial photo industry recently. On a photo shoot for a story, one of the things I miss the most is seeing the polaroid of the shot in progress. I even miss waiting for the polaroid to develop, tucked under the photo assistant's arm. During those few minutes of waiting, great conversations happened. Today, with digital photography, the shot appears on the computer screen, instantly. And though many will argue with me, I feel that digital photography is missing a little bit of soul.

I love the slow 4x5 camera process, from the adjusting of bellows to loading the film to pressing the shutter release. After so much hands-on adjusting, one could feel a connection between the camera and the photographer. That humanness came through on the final film. At the end of the shoot, it was wonderful to have a set of large format polaroids, my personal collection of photo moments. Each one, like a souvenir, brings back the people, the conversations, and the feeling of that day. Here is my collection.

photography by: Anna Williams, Lisa Hubbard, Kate Sears,
Gentl and Hyers, Rick Lew, Sang An

tyling by: Dawn Sinkowski, Allison Liebman, Ayesha Patel