Thursday, November 24, 2016

please support your local small shops and galleries

I am so very grateful for the small shops and galleries that are carrying gleena. It has been such a joy building the retail relationships throughout the years. Many buyers have become friends and are an inspiration. Please support your local small shops this holiday season.

 I have dreamt about owning my own store since I was very little. I remember setting up a table at the dachya, and selling twigs, flowers, and dirt, with leaves as the currency. This past month, I have relocated gleena studio (and life) to Cleveland, Ohio, to be near my family. The new space came with a small shop in the front, and a studio space at the back. I am hoping to open gleenashop in the middle of December, offering my own work as well as the work of many artists I have met while doing trade shows. Here are a few in-progress photos, it’s slowly coming together!