Thursday, February 25, 2016

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Friday, February 19, 2016

experimenting with layers of glaze

I recently mixed a very lovely semi-matte opaque glaze. It feels amazing. I’ve been layering it on top of my glossier glaze, and the results have been surprising, and exciting. Because of the difference in finish, the matte glaze seems to float on top of the gloss. I’m still figuring out the best layering technique, but have so much variation to choose from. I feel as if I am back in grad school, excited to open the kiln after each glaze firing.
This is what the pieces look like right before they are loaded into the glaze firing.
Here they are out of the glaze fire. Surprise!
I am experimenting on pieces that had cracked in the bisque fire, using them as test tiles. I am enjoying how the glaze is interacting with the cracks, as well. I love letting go of control, and seeing what happens to materials inside the kiln.
This is a more controlled glaze application. Each cup is dipped in the glossy, and then the matte is dipped on top. Not sure yet if I like the more horizontal stripes, or the free-form strokes of glaze. Maybe something in-between the two.