Thursday, September 18, 2014

growing things

This summer has been amazing. The weather reminded me of summers spent at the family dacha, and working in my garden felt like I was channeling my mother's, grandmother's, and great grandmother's gardening magic. Seriously, I never really dug in the dirt. And had no idea what I was doing. But things grew, and grew tasty, and I even had some awe-inspiring critter visitors.
German striped heirloom tomato.
Hibiscus flower.
Hydrangea, Russian sage, nasturtium, hollyhock leaves, dill flowers.
Emerald dragonfly in the cucumber vine.
Black jack fig.
Nasturtium leaf.
Basil flowers.
Berrie hiding in the hostas. She thinks she’s camouflaged, funny girl.
Cucumbers, oh so many: for cucumber salad, soup, cocktails, pickles, and snacks.
Calendula flowers in the small vase, hollyhock leaves in the tall vase.
Praying mantis on the hibiscus leaf. Had not seen this color combo before.