Friday, January 16, 2015

happy new year...

Just now, in the second week of 2015, am I able to focus and look back on 2014. The holiday season was wonderful, and then some time is needed to regain strength and energy to dive back into creating. I am so grateful for all the support from customers and stores that helped gleena turn ten years old. Here are a few moments from the past year that warm my heart. Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, January 5, 2015

where to find gleena

2014 was a wonderful year for gleena, a very big thank you to the stores that carry our work. Here are a few, and the gleena collections they carry. ** For a full list please visit
at The Garden Gate in Arcata, CA
at BlackSheep General Store in Glencoe, IL
at Sparrow House in Plymouth, MA
at Corey&Co. in Portland, ME and O’Suzannah in Charlottesville, VA
at Kestrel in Northampton, MA
at Hudson Art in Hudson, MA
at Style Camp in Philadelphia, PA
at Ilan Dei Venice in Venice, CA
at RISD Museum Store in Providence, RI
at Marz in South Pasadena, CA
at The Gardener in San Francisco, CA
at Magpie in New York City