oh the beauty of west coast nurseries

My friend Lisa and I decided to visit the nurseries of San Francisco on my last day in California. I have been falling in love with succulents for the past few years, and have started carrying them in the shop in greater numbers. I love the variety of textures and colors they offer. And love when they bloom for me. We started our day at FlowerLand, with a delicious latte and scone in hand, it was a joy to walk around the Berkeley neighborhood nursery. The diversity of gardening products gave me a few ideas for gleenashop. I dream of partnering with a coffee shop to be able to offer a similar environment in Cleveland. Maybe some day.

The second stop was Flora Grubb Gardens in the Bayview neighborhood. Nestled among industrial wholesale warehouses, Flora's nursery is an unexpected oasis. Lush spectacular plants line the walkways, and hang from walls and trellises. Entering, I was transported to another country, expecting to see monkeys and colorful parrots in the gently swaying giant palm leaves. Hours can be spent there finding treasures. Coffee and baked goods are also available, and the bathrooms are gorgeous.

For lunch, a delicious All Good Pizza food truck is parked in a lovely courtyard across from Flora Grubb. Looks like the gardeners from FG have done some work there, it is surrounded by pretty plantings of succulents and cacti. The pizza is delicious. What an inspiring yummy day!