Monday, July 12, 2010

a coat of paint

This past weekend my dearest friend Agnethe visited my new place. After getting our toes painted, we set to work painting my kitchen. The space is large, was painted off-white a long time ago, and lacked personality. The insides of the cabinets had remnants of paper and a bad, uneven paint job, as if someone lost interest mid-way through the job. I had some paint left over from my studio, and we decided to alternate the orange and the yellow in each cabinet.

The result was modern, and happy, and featured on Apartment Therapy, whoo hoo! Big thank you to Sarah Rainwater for the article.

The next step is a fresh coat of clean white on the outside of the cabinets and the walls. I am also thinking of painting a warm gray in this corner:

As Agnethe says, it will immediately shorten the space, which is long, and warm up the room.