Monday, December 9, 2013

ceramics by trish riley
in a shoppe curated by beth kirby of local milk

I am completely enamored of everything that Beth Kirby of Local Milk bakes, styles, photographs, writes, curates. A modern Renaissance woman, a huge inspiration, from Flickr to Pinterest, Beth invites into an enchanted, somewhat dark, dreamy and yet oh so real world of her creation.

Her latest stroke of genius is an online holiday pop up shoppe called Sweet Gum Co. Trish Riley, one of the featured artists, presents a playfully organic, earthy collection of hand pinched pieces. Her bio is wonderful. My favorite part:

Each cup, each plate, each bowl [Trish] makes, she strives to not hide her hands and the textured, lumpy nature of clay but rather to reveal them. She celebrates the imperfections in her work; they help her, an imperfect & messy woman, to connect to her creations. It’s that relationship between her, the clay, and the human that finally lifts her art to their lips that drives her.

All photographs are courtesy of Beth Kirby of Local Milk

I strive to embrace imperfections like Trish Riley, personal and in my work. It is a journey and a process of letting go, I think.