Wednesday, November 13, 2013

thank you, bearleader chronicle

In July I had an unexpected visit from an old friend from my art director days, Daniela Stallinger. Daniela, a wonderful photographer, and I had worked frequently together on photo shoots ranging from weddings in Arizona, to toys for your pet. It was such a pleasure to reconnect, and to spend two easy days, this time being the subject of a photo shoot, as opposed to the director behind the scenes. Daniela was launching a new online publication, Bearleader Chronicle.

The journal launched yesterday, and it was such a treat to discover Daniela’s talent for writing in the premier issue. Follow her adventures from London to St. Ives to Crete and then Vienna. And what an honor for Providence, RI and gleena to be the very first entry! Read the full story by clicking here.

Here is a bit of a photo preview, I love how prominent my little ceramic muses are in the story. They oversee the studio, and guard all the firings. And they are my first explorations in clay, way back when...