Sunday, April 28, 2013

silver lining

Retail shows are hit or miss. Some shows are amazing, the audience totally gets my product, and I get incredible feedback. There is a certain high that comes along after a really great show. And on the flip side is the poorly attended sale, or when my work is completely wrong for the venue, or both. The feeling after those kinds of sales is, well, humbling.

Yes, it’s a huge bummer when you pack up as many bins as what you brought, but there is a very precious silver lining... I have met talented, generous, and overall incredibly lovely people during the very slow, poorly attended sales. While not busy with selling, fellow vendors have a lot of time to get to know each other, and the conversations form long-lasting bonds. We also do a lot of trading, and yesterday I was fortunate to meet, get to know, and trade with a very lovely horticulturalist. Krista’s flowers and plants now fill my home with beauty and joy...

I will also be contacting Krista to consult on my soon to be flower garden, and that is a very bright silver lining, indeed.