Friday, March 8, 2013

amazing artists of our time, gathering together...

Every year Sang An and his husband Bob Bathrick get on their bikes and ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness for AIDS/HIV. The ride is 575 miles long, and takes 7 days. I did a similar ride from Boston to NYC in 1997, it was a mere 300 miles, and let me tell you, my bum hurt, and so did the rest of my body. I didn’t really mind the pain as it was an incredible, community supported experience, and I am proud to have been a part of it. My close friend from high school, Todd, died from AIDS when he was in his 20’s, and I rode in his memory. And it is with Todd in my heart that I donate a gleena piece to the auction organized by Sang each year.

Sang and Bob have raised tens of thousands of dollars for AIDS/HIV research, awareness, and support through BANG, an online auction of photography and artwork by some of the most talented artists practicing today. Go here to view the selections: 1st Gear, and then click through to 2nd Gear, 3rd Gear, and so on. Here are a few samples of photographs being auctioned:

Photo by Romulo Yanes
Photo by Anita Calero
Photo by Ditte Isager
Photo by Anna Williams
Photo by Yun Hee Kim
Photo by Sang An

Alongside talented ceramic artists, gleena is very honored to support this rare auction to raise funds for such an important cause:

gleena ceramics
Fifty One and a Half Ceramics
Frances Palmer Pottery
Elephant Ceramics

Please contact BANG with any questions about the artwork, click here.