Friday, February 1, 2013

nygf wrap up, thank you all for coming by to say hello

I had a wonderful time at the NY Gift Fair this past week. My booth was in a new spot in the Handmade section, surrounded by very talented artists, who were also incredibly fun to be around. I felt fortunate.

The new location drew more visitors to my booth, and I picked up some impressive stores across the country, as well as in Seoul, South Korea (more on that later). Many stores that already carry my work stopped by and re-ordered, and that is a great affirming feeling. My friends at the show say it’s one thing to pick up a new account, and it’s a whole other thing to keep it. I am very grateful for my repeat customers, some I’ve had for ten years.

The big difference was my own attitude. I felt much more confident going into this show than in previous years. I feel that I presented and talked about my work in a much more mature, professional way. Of course my craft has improved over the years, I am very proud of my line, and I believe that came across to new buyers.

The image below shows my new Beachstone tableware, pale glazes poured in waves to create a painterly surface. I am not applying an image to this glaze, it is just so lovely all on its own. It pools in spots where it’s thicker, and has a gorgeous shimmer, as if washed over by the ocean. 

The big hit of the show were the animal 14oz tumblers. They caught everyone’s attention as they walked by. That was another thing I learned, have one item that will catch the eye in a split second. I love how the elephant wraps around the cup, watch for him in Nantucket in a few months:
I left the show feeling very good about my business, and excited to get making.