Wednesday, January 2, 2013

lucky 13

I started gleena ceramics as my full time business in October 2008, yep, exactly when the economy tanked. I’m not sure what made me quit my full time job as an art director at that particular time, when everyone was getting laid off in the publishing world where I had lived for the past fifteen years. Perhaps I wanted to dictate the terms of my leaving, as opposed to being handed the pink slip.

For the first two years, I couldn’t support myself exclusively by making ceramics, I still freelanced for magazines. And then came a time when I could pay the bills with just the gleena pieces that I made. Barely. The past two years have been years of scraping by, working every day, including Sundays. It has not been easy, and I questioned if I was making the right decision by sticking with ceramics.

I made a lot of mistakes. A lot of mistakes. At times I felt like I was blindly fumbling forward in the dark, but forward I was moving. And I learned. And then I made more mistakes, and learned some more. And then I realized how proud I was of the wisdom and self knowledge that I gained from all the blind fumbling. I am proud that I moved forward, even though there were times when I was really scared.

This past holiday season was wonderful. It felt like all the hard work I put in over the past four years is finally paying off. And 2013 is looking easier. I am encouraged by the glimmers of an improving economy. I have a ton of new ideas, and some nice big projects in the works. I feel like there is solid ground under my feet at last. I know there will be stumbling moments in the years to come, but I feel prepared, and ready to face the challenges.

Thank you to all the stores, galleries, customers, readers, fellow artists, friends, and family that have supported me and my business for the past few years. I would not still be here without you. I wish you all the best for this coming year.