Monday, January 14, 2013

animal spirit guide

Last night while walking Berrie, I saw a giant shape swoop down about a hundred feet away from me. The bird landed across the street on a low branch, with its spotted back turned toward me. A hawk, I thought, and slowly walked over to take a closer look.

The creature’s head turned, almost 180 degrees, to look at me. I gasped as I saw two saucer eyes, a tiny beak, and a round feathery face. An owl. I almost burst into tears, it was so beautiful. I have never seen one so large before, nor so close. Berrie started to get excited, so the owl opened up its impressive wings and flew to a higher location. I could almost feel the wind on my face as it took off. I stood for five minutes watching it sharpen its beak on a branch. It would look up once in a while to stare at me. Mesmerizing.

I searched around for "Owls on the East Side of Providence" and found this photo by Peter Green, the Great Horned Owl:
It was dark, so I can’t be completely sure, but it looks like my friend.

How appropriate that one of my favorite items in the gleena wee tea cup collection is the O is for owl cup: