Sunday, August 7, 2011

the hungry ghost and four + twenty blackbirds

I met Andrea Gentl almost twenty years ago when I first arrived in NYC in the early nineties. Andrea's stunning photography drew me in with its haunting soulfulness. Over the years, I have been lucky to work with Andrea on a number of editorial stories as well as participate in the holiday craft sales she organized, first in her home, and then in a Manhattan photo studio.

Recently, I have been feasting on Andrea's blog, The Hungry Ghost, a delicious mix of photography and engaging, informative writing. The most recent entry about Four + Twenty Blackirds pie shop in Brooklyn inspired me. I've been dabbling in tart/pie making for the past year, and Andrea's write up on the unusual ingredients used by the two sisters who founded the shop, has excited me to bake more. I can't wait to try the butter and more butter crust. Click here for the recipe and more scrumptious photos.

Photography by Andrea Gentl