Thursday, September 16, 2010

to keep Bethanie company arrives Big T

Most of you know Bethanie, my 10-year old Skutt kiln who has been serving me faithfully for the past 5 years. The wood carving on the wall behind Bethanie was done by my father when we lived in Russia. It is of an ancient pagan god, and he looks over my firings.

My work load has increased drastically since the NY Gift Fair, and Bethanie just can't keep up. So I got her a friend, Big T. Big T is a ConeArt kiln, and fits three times as many pieces as Bethanie. He is all chromed out, and a super fast fire-er.

Having Big T makes my life so much easier, and delivery times three times faster. He was a gift from my mom, my biggest supporter. Thank you, mom!