Wednesday, December 2, 2009

technical difficulties

This week is probably the worse week for my kiln to break down. On Monday I saw that the kiln continued to fire after the display panel indicated that the firing was done. This weird phenomena is due to a bad relay, for all those ceramists out there. When you see this happening, the only way to turn the kiln off is to unplug it, difficult to do if it is hard wired in, like mine is. So I had to cut off the electricity to my studio. It could have been worse, I could not have been here.

While I wait for the technician to come by and fix my relay, all my work is on hold. The benefit of this is that I have some time to share it, in process, with you.

This is the errant kiln (her name is Bethanie), loaded up with bisque, which I think is fine after the misfire.

The unloaded bisque, waiting for the glazing table to be cleared.

The glazing table is busy with the pieces shown below, those with wax resist waiting to be glazed, and the glazed waiting to be loaded into the kiln, which is, as you know, broken:

Perhaps it's not horrible that Bethanie, the kiln, is taking a time out. This past weekend at the Brooklyn Flea Gifted was a lot of fun, but also exhausting. Perhaps I needed a time out, too.

Since there is no table or shelf space left in the studio, instead of using all the molds to make more stuff, I can just look at them, and take pretty pictures.