Monday, August 10, 2009

the delicate work of tania rollond

all photographs are from Cudgegong Gallery

I love the delicate, yet powerful, markings Tania Rollond makes on her hand-thrown vessels, and feel a strong kinship with the way Ms. Rollond talks about her work. Here is a bit from her artist statements:

"I have always enjoyed looking – I mean really examining in minute detail the small bits and pieces that I come across. Natural things like leaves, rocks, insects and plants, or man made objects that have been discarded and worn by the natural elements and time. I look for a pattern and structure, random markings of erosion and decay, small details and fleeting impressions. They are like poetry to me…

…The transformation of raw materials into finished pots is a kind of mystery which amazes me every time I open the kiln door; I hope I am able to capture a little of the joy I experience in this process in the objects I create."

Tania Rollond is represented by Cudgegong Gallery in Australia.