Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the farm affair

above photographs by Alec

Last week I spent several days on a farm, helping Alec weed, dig and plant in an organic veggie garden. Alec is spending the summer creating a large garden for his friends, who own a farm in Navarre, Ohio.

It was such a treat to wake up to a big sky, birds chirping, trees swaying, and have my tea and breakfast on a small porch overlooking the fields where cows grazed peacefully. Did you know that cows are super curious, yet shy, have a cowlick and really long eyelashes?

It is hard work to tend a garden, and to dig up new beds, but it is oh so satisfying to walk down to one of the beds and pick fresh spinach and lettuce for that night's dinner. There was so much spinach that we had to think hard of dishes to use it all up. Alec made a spinach lasagna, I made a spinach pie, and I also froze some of it. All you have to do is blanch the spinach before throwing it into the freezer in a plastic bag. Way better than buying a bag of it at the grocery store.

I live in an industrial area in Pawtucket, RI, where putting your hand in the dirt could be a health hazard. I came back from the farm completely refreshed and energized, appreciating the hard work it takes to raise food for the table, and wanting to do more of it.