Monday, May 18, 2009

porcelain carpet

Marek Cecula is an incredible craftsman, porcelain bends to his will. I am amazed at the control he has over this finicky material (which gives me so much grief).

Here is Marek's description of the process used to create the above installation (yes, it's a series of porcelain plates):
"The original carpet was photographed and scanned into the computer. The pattern of the carpet was then mapped to the shapes of the plates by software. The final digital material was then transferred into ceramic decals, which were applied on the plates and fired. The decorative pattern covers the round surfaces of the plates in consistent directions, creating a 'porcelain carpet'".

And here is Marek's description of himself:
"I am seduced by the role ceramic plays in our lives and the aesthetic values it carries. I am a watcher, an anthropologist, who is constantly discovering how we form relationships with these objects and their functions."