Friday, May 1, 2009

beyond tiles

On Wednesday night I went to a lecture given by Robert Silerman, a ceramist and a teacher who has been working for over 20 years in the ceramic world. What I liked about his lecture is its conversational, engaging, style, and the way he described his creative journey. He is constantly looking for meaning in his work, even if the work he is making is decorative. He asks the questions of why is the object I am making in this world and what kind of use or significance it will have? His 40" x 40" wall painting tiles have a meaning beyond a beautiful color combination, though the meaning is apparent only to the artist. Bobby translates braille, Morse code, as well as charts and graphs, and builds their messages into his creations.

Bobby started Alsio Design, and is working with architects and designers to incorporate his tiles into interiors and exteriors. Below are his tiles on an outside of a house in New York and on a garden wall in California, unexpected, yet natural, installations.