Thursday, April 9, 2009

a gift of words

I had a few very frustrating days in the studio. I lost almost half of what I slip-cast. I was working to fill an order, and for some reason the pieces cracked as they dried in the molds. I have no idea why some would do that and not others. Was the slip too thin, are the molds too old, are the planets aligned funny? Why was I putting myself through this ceramic torture? Why can't I just stick to graphic design? And today, I got my answer to those questions. I received the following email:

Hello!! I am so in love with your work..I actually imagine myself holding your cup and enjoying my coffee, in my ideal sort of fairy tale like setting, surrounded by nature, between fresh jams and lavender scents...I can't even describe the emotional journey your porcelain takes me through...Oh well, I can just go on and on, I just wanted to say how I am waiting for the moment to use one of your cups for my morning coffee. The only problem is I live in Istanbul, Turkey and I guess you only ship within the states. I was wondering if there is any way for you to send one cup over here and how much it would cost... Thank you so much! best, serpil

Anyone traveling to Istanbul any time soon? I would like to send a package with you.

Please visit Serpil Erol's Etsy store, she makes dreamy scarves, hats, shawls, and earrings. The photography on her site is gorgeous.

Photography courtesy of Serpil Erol.