Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sustainable and local ingredients

It is important to me that I do as little damage to our planet as possible. I reclaim (use again) all my discarded clay bits and leftover glaze. None of the clay materials I work with end up in our water. It is equally important to me to support local farmers, and eat real food, not packaged. I love food that sings with its natural flavors, and that means buying food that is organic.

I picked up the book "Simply Organic" because I liked the title, and the way it was designed (I once picked out a VCR because I thought it was cute). "Simply Organic" is much more than a good title and a pretty cover, it's filled with delicious, easy to make recipes that use seasonal ingredients. The author, Jesse Ziff Cook, has a great eye for combining the most unusual items; like the pear, brie, and olive tart (which I made, it was delicious). I am cooking my way through the "Early Winter" section, with delicacies like chard and feta pie, and roast chicken with mashed celery root (I never knew what to do with celery root before) and potatoes. Everything turns out yummy.

This book inspires me to have dinner parties, I love cooking for other people. This weekend I am going to make the pot roast with winter vegetables. I'll let you know how it turns out.