Wednesday, February 11, 2015

what’s new at gleena

surrounded by snow and ice this year in New England, I have been experimenting with more sombre, grayer hues, mixing in ivories, striving for crisp coziness.
i love this place setting put together by a client: ivory 10" plate, deep grey 7.5" plate, dotted urchin bowl, and deep grey roly poly side bowl.
deep grey roly poly bowl and 7.5" side plate shown from above
a double-dipped tumbler, celadon mixed with deep grey
a cozy serving set: shallow beachstone bowl stacked with ocean jewelry dish and lilac roundie bowls
shallow beachstone, jewelry and roundie bowls set from the side
a mound of ivory, snowy bowls for a client in Canada
new roly poly soup bowl in an assortment of greys
condiment bowls in greys
condiment bowls lit up with tea lights, softly glowing

it’s been an eventful winter, stay warm and safe.