Friday, June 25, 2010

on press

It’s been years since I have been “on press” to see a print job run. Back in my small design studio days, if the job was a book, for example, going on press was torturous. It entailed a lot of waiting around for the press to get up to speed, for all the dust to be removed, for the color to be balanced. It’s really an art running the offset presses, and it is fascinating to watch. Today’s press run was simple, one color, small business card, a breeze. Big thank you to Richard at Colonial Printing for making it all super easy. Here are the results:

Karen’s card is so bright, it pops out in the midst of all this machinery.

We spent a bit of time getting the color saturated (a juicy raspberry pink), and the ink coverage as even as possible on an uncoated paper stock.

I love press proofs, with all the bleed and crop and registration marks. A good way to start out the day.