Friday, June 5, 2009

painted loveliness

I met Re Jin, the artist behind the line Bailey Doesn't Bark, at one of the holiday sales last year, but have been admiring her hand-painted ceramics for quite some time. I love the quality of Re Jin's illustrations, graphic, delicate and considered, each drawing fitting perfectly with the chosen ceramic form.

Her new gold leaf series is beautiful, I love that Re Jin chose cockroaches as one of her subjects. Such a twist of perception, taking something repellent and elevating it to a completely different level.

And then there is her elegant "ants on my tableware" collection, reminding me of my days in French Guiana, where everywhere you looked, there were ants. After my jungle trip, I have been wanting to do an ants series myself, swarms and swarms of ants on dishes. For Re Jin's full line of tableware visit Bailey Doesn't Bark on Etsy.
All photographs are courtesy of Bailey Doesn't Bark.