Sunday, March 15, 2009

artist in her home: no.3

I live in a renovated mill which was built in 1912. The building started out as an underwear factory, then was a jewelry factory, then sat empty for a while, and finally was converted into condos five years ago. My loft is filled with light, due to the 20-foot-long and 6-foot-wide skylight that spans half of the ceiling. I love watching the light change throughout the day, it's magical when it is raining.

I keep the decor minimal, but like to surround myself with books and art. I collect paintings created by friends and family, but most of the ceramics in the collection is mine. I never quite figured out how to sell my sculptural work. Maybe it's because I don't really want to part with these pieces, they tell such an intimate story.

A few years ago I decided to create a mini gallery for the art in my loft, and commissioned my friend David Dilks to build deep shelves which could be easily adjusted to fit many different heights. Within the shelves, the pieces can be viewed individually or in context with everything else, an installation of one life's mosaic.

Collection of pots and bowls thrown on a wheel. I was experimenting with form and clay texture for a while. The clays I experimented with are pictured here: white stoneware, chocolate low-fire clay, and porcelain. My favorite: porcelain.

This installation is titled Skins, Shed. Each "skin" is made out of one white stoneware slab.

A white stoneware sculpture titled Repose, hand-built with coils.

Oil painting on wood by my friend Jennifer Inderland French.

Pencil drawing of my grandmother by her second husband, Gregory Marozov, done in 1958.

Acrylic paintings on wood by one of my favorite illustrators, Trisha Krauss.

Collage and pencil on canvas, by my friend Claudia Middendorf.