Thursday, January 15, 2009

chartreuse, not just a color

For my B-day, my friend Lauren gave me a gorgeous bottle of Green Chartreuse. The bottle is stamped and sealed with wax, very Medieval. We discovered this liqueur together while hanging at the bar of Thee Fez, one of the few places in Providence that carries this extraordinary drink. Green Chartreuse, 110 proof or 55% alcohol, is a naturally green liqueur which is flavored with extracts from 130 herbal plants. Its color comes from chlorophyll. It is named after the Grande Chartreuse monastery in France, where it was formerly produced by monks. It is now produced, under the supervision of those same monks, in a factory in the nearby town of Voiron. You can read up on its full history, which is quite fascinating, on Wikipedia.

If you Google "what does Chartreuse taste like?" one answer you will get is, "Nyquil". And that is because it was originally developed as medicine. A medicine for long life. As I sip some of it now, and trust me, you only need a sip of it, its herbal essence radiates its way through my body. I feel warmer already, which is helpful since its 12 degrees outside. The green glowy color is truely stunning. For freezing winter days, it's a cozy companion.

Here is the official website, you must be of legal drinking age to enter it.