Sunday, January 4, 2009

valenki, my valenki

I have to laugh that these traditional Russian peasant boots keep popping up in the style section of the NYTimes. I wore these all through my childhood, treading through St. Petersburg snow to school, never as a fashion statement. There were just not many other alternatives when it came to foot wear during Soviet times. They are indeed warm, and with galoshis, water-proof. If you are looking around to buy some, here is a link to a traditional Russian clothing store. Peter the Great supposedly favored these as they are rumored to help with flu, rheumatic disease, and offer a scratchy feet massage. Hmmmm.

P. S. My mom, after reading this post, reminded me that socks end up sliding down into the toes of these boots as you walk. This is due to valenki's aerodynamic design. So wear tights!