Tuesday, September 23, 2008

giorgio morandi

The subtle and poetic style of Giorgio Morandi exerts a powerful influence over my ceramics. I was originally introduced to him by Joelle Hoverson, also a mesmerizing painter, now applying her talents to Purl. A few years ago we were both working at Martha Stewart Living, and enjoying our lunch over conversations in Bryant Park.

A retrospective of Morandi's work is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art through Dec. 14. A must see show for all in New York City. Here is what The New York Times says about Morandi's paintings:

It is a form of thinking that frees up thought. It is time-consuming, but time-slowing, isolating but self-fulfilling. It is a part of life, but also a metaphor for how life should be: with everything in place, every pattern clear, every rhyme exact, every goal near.