Friday, September 12, 2008


My friend Alec and I visited my mom and Mark, my stepfather, in Cleveland last weekend. Alec is crazy for blinis, traditional Russian crepes, and requested stacks of them for every meal. Mom is an excellent cook, and served the blinis with her special filling of ground turkey and mushrooms. Sour cream was then added on top. Mom prepares the blinis before hand by cooking them on one side only, stuffing them with the meat filling, and then heating them right before they are served. Not only did we have them for every meal, but we also took some home with us and shared them with Alec's parents in Brooklyn. The blinis traveled very well, as did Alec and I.

My mama's blinis
about 1.5 lbs. flour
4-5 cups fat free milk
2 eggs

To prepare
1. Mix together egg, flour and a cup of milk until thick creamy mixture

2. Add milk until the mixture is fairly thin and all lumps are gone. If too thick, add water
3. Pour small portions on hot griddle and fry, turning once to cook on both sides. Finished blinis should be about 8" in diameter

4. Spread the meat and mushroom filling on top of the blini and roll them up, halfway through the roll, tuck in the sides and continue rolling
5. Serve warm with sour cream on handmade plates